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Planning A Party for Kids? Add These Snacks To The Menu!

Kids love hanging out and having fun, and a party for them requires a lot less planning than one for adults. Of course, food remains the prime aspect of consideration. Ordering all the food from outside is a bit inconvenient, price and hygiene aspects must be considered as well. Kids may not enjoy a heavy main course, which is why you can be more inclusive of fast food snacks in the menu. Your little one and his friends are more likely to enjoy French fries than a pilaf or Biryani. In this post, we are sharing ideal snacks that can be opted for such parties.

  • French fries. The good news is you have ready frozen packs of French fries. These are easy to cook – you can either bake or fry them in a matter of minutes. While French fries can be made at home, it is not always easy to find the best starchy potatoes and the process to slice them accordingly is cumbersome. Make sure you select a good brand that doesn’t compromise on taste and texture – two aspects that make French fries so special.
  • If you want to make something that doesn’t feel boring, try wraps. You can find ready wrap rotis or breads in the market, but another good option is to make thin ones at home. For the filling, try something as simple as baked or fried chicken, add some cucumber, onions, and boiled potatoes, with some herbs of your choice, and you are good to roll. Wraps are amazing fillers, and more importantly, if you add some healthy veggies inside, the kids will still love it.

  • A classic Indian snack, the tikki is like a potato snack that’s soft and mushy inside, with a crispy outer later. Aloo tikki is found in most snack stores, but if you don’t have the time, check for there regular ready-to-fry options. If you are diet-conscious, you can choose to bake the tikki too. Since aloo tikki is not all that spicy, it is ideal for kids, and you can serve these with a range of dips of your choice.

Kids love crispy and crunchy snacks that are low on spice, and the ones mentioned above are just that. You can take up the nutrient quotient high by making some scrambled eggs on the side. Make sure that the menu is versatile and has enough mix of flavors. Readymade snacks will only make your job easier, and a much less hassle for you.

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