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Myths About Studio Recording You Shouldn’t Believe

For the neophyte, the recording studio can be the place of legend and myth. It takes several years of experience and learning to stand out as a talented studio producer or engineer. There is no magic wand that can make poor recordings sound outstanding. It’s all just myths. Today, let’s bust out some of the common myths circulating around studio recordings.

The studio magic can easily fix the poor performances

The magic of a studio can make a perfect performance outstanding, or an outstanding performance stunning. But there is no real studio magic that can make a horrible performance better.

There is always a “right way” to do things

You can easily record your vocals using an SM58 or just let the clipping go unchecked. There is no golden rule for doing things in the music studio. Of course, there are some best practices and guidelines, but in the end, you just need to go with what sounds good to your ears.

Recording on a tape can make it sound better

Undoubtedly, there is a huge sound difference in a track that you recorded on a tape using all the analog gear and the track recorded using the Pro tools. You must have heard that tape sound quite better – it is completely a myth. Digital recording ensures higher fidelity to the real sound source. Thus, better and cleaner quality recordings.

Due to the mild level of distortion present, there is a certain amount of warmth in analog recordings.

When you copy an audio file, the quality reduces

This statement holds true when you copy from a tape – whenever you create a copy onto another reel, a minuscule quality level is lost. What when copying digital files, there is no question of losing anything. Binary digit for the binary digit, the last detail remains perfect and intact even if you copy a single file several times.

Digital technology is a way to record hit music

Just because you paid a huge amount to rent a recording studio does not mean that you can create a hit recording. Certainly, the modern digital technology can make your recording easier in several ways, but you need to have a clear understanding of how everything actually works in the studio to create the perfect pull up sound effect and an excellent record.

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