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Is Your Dog’s Birthday Coming Up? Follow these 3 Tips to Arrange a Perfect Birthday Party

Dogs love to playdate and party just like children. So, if your dog’s birthday is coming up and you live in an apartment, hosting a birthday party for your pup can be a tad bit hard. You need to make sure everything is taken care of, you have stocked up on your dog’s favorite: fidele dog food, have the cake and party theme decorating stuff ready. But there is more to that.

Here are some tips to follow when organizing a party for your dog with zero hassles.

  1. Keep your landlord apprised

Your landlord may have some complicated rules in place when it comes to pets and their property, so, always inform them just in case. If you have more than one dog, then you need to inform them about this too. Mostly everyone loves dogs, but they can be quite unpredictable when excited. They could knock someone over too. So, never keep your landlord in the dark and always let them know so that everything is taken care of. They may also assist you in finding an appropriate spot for supplies too.

  1. Find space

Having humans and pooches over is amazing for your pup. Even a small dog needs space to run. If you have a small dog and only one or two would be joining your party, then your apartment could be enough to organize the party. You may still need to make some space and ensure that your home is dog proof. Get rid of all small objects and the valuables to keep them away from getting broken. The pups should be treated like kids because they can eat anything that reaches their mouths. Many apartments come in small dog parks, where you can host a BBQ or pool area on an afternoon. Always keep in mind that unfamiliar dogs will always be good in larger spaces.

  1. Look after the little details

When inviting people to bring their dogs, ensure that your pet is familiar with them. If they don’t, make them meet in advance in a neutral place. If you have a cat or a bird, you better keep them away from the party. If your cat is dog friendly which is a very rare case, then let them be a part and don’t forget to treat them too. There is cat food in India too. If your party is hosted in a big apartment, you still need to dedicate a place for bathroom breaks and means to dispose the waste. Finally, when it comes to food, serve which is both appropriate for dogs and humans. Do ask them about the allergies well in advance.

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