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Classical Music Enthusiasts in South Florida

We live in a world where conventional art has lost its value. Today’s generation has termed loud noise as music. But for the old souls, who still value art, classical music is music in true essence. They not only enjoy rich classical music but also carry a deep respect for it.

If you’re an enthusiast of Classical Music, residing in Florida, it’s highly unlikely that you’re not acquainted with the New World Symphony. Well, if you have been unaware about it, let us enlighten you.

The New World Symphony:

The New World Symphony is an American orchestral academy, located in the heart of Miami, Florida. Since its incorporation in the year 1987, it has been tirelessly working to prepare the students for professional roles in orchestras or ensembles. Till now, they have produced more than 1,100 alumni in the last 31 years. Each year more than 1,500 candidates apply for the mere 35 seats of the fellowship course of this reputed institution. It’s an inspiration for the classical music enthusiasts in South Florida.

The three-year fellowship course equips the students with personalized experiences, professional development training, and given exposure to both traditional and modern repertoire. Not only that, but the relationship with students is also widened through distance learning. The artistic direction of the co-founder, Michael Tilson Thomas, makes it the mecca for classical music lovers.

New World Center:

The working of the New World Symphony is not just limited to academics. Rather, it expands way beyond that. They also give spectacular symphony performances at the New World Center. It’s a 756 seat concert hall that hosts a plethora of classical music performances. There is an entire season of concerts, beginning from September and ending in May. Here, a wide array of performances are delivered, ranging from full-orchestra concerts, small ensemble concerts, a family series, festival recitals, among many others.

Culmination of  cultural activities:

For the ones who have a knack for cultural music, there is a lot you can experience here. Regular events are organised here at National World Symphony, which ensures that you have a thrilling experience.

  • Concerts:

To enjoy the true essence of cultural music at its best, you can indulge in the concerts organised at New World Center.

  • Visit the campus:

The campus at the New World Symphony is equipped with the state-of-the-art music utilities and intricately designed ensemble rooms where budding musicians can hone their talents.

  • Box Office:

This is the destination from where you can get the tickets to the musical events held in the New World Symphony. The design language and the framework speaks volumes about the passion for music that it embodies.

  • WALLCAST Park Events:

The events held here serve as a tribute to the soothingly artistic field of music. Every WALLCAST event is completely free to attend without any kind of tickets required. People can indulge in a picnic dinner with their loved one while being a witness to brilliant musical talents. The WALLCAST events aren’t just a series of calming melodies but also an exquisite demonstration of visual technology.

All the classical music enthusiasts in South Florida should definitely attend this event.

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