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4 Odd But Fun Things To Try In New York City!

New York City invokes nostalgia and passion. Travelers around the world flock to this historic city time and again, just to enjoy and explore the long list of countless attractions. From the majestic Lady Liberty to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, there is so much to see here. What also makes NYC special is the range of activities and adventures it offers. You can experience many options in a single trip, and we have listed a few ideas below for your help.

Plan for a jazz concert

If you are in NY, you need to experience a live jazz concert – Period! There are more jazz clubs in NYC that most other places you know, and these clubs often have special shows, concerts, and events, which are often sold out on day one of ticket sale. No matter whether you love jazz or not, this is an experience that stands out, simply because people here know how to enjoy the genre. Make sure to book your preferred show well in advance.

Try indoor skydiving

Want to try skydiving but are not sure if you are ready for it? Welcome to NYC, where you can enjoy skydiving at iFly Westchester. There are no bad weather issues or the associated concerns with skydiving, but you can experience what it feels to fall from a plane. Indoor skydiving is ideal for anyone who wants to explore adventure sports without the risks.

Head to Museum of Sex

As quirky as it sounds, Museum of Sex is a must visit for couples in love. Some of the exhibits are funny, and yet educational at the same time, and it is just entertaining to see everything you didn’t know about sex and things related to it. NYC has over 80 museums, including famed and not-to-be missed names like MET, but this one is just about curiosity.

Make time for a helicopter tour

What can possibly be more exciting than enjoying a helicopter trip, hovering over iconic monuments and landmarks of NYC? This is not only thrilling but offers panoramic view of the Hudson river and NYC skyline. Agreed that this can be expensive, but we promise that you will not regret those 30 minutes, especially with someone you love.

We didn’t mention about Broadway show tickets, because we assumed that you are making time for it. Always book your hotels in advance to save more on the expenses, and yes, get jazz show tickets before arrival.

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