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The Sexual Paradox

ISBN 10 : 9780743284714
ISBN 13 : 0743284712

Now available in paperback from psychologist and award- winningcolumnistSusanPinker, the groundbreaking and contro- versial book that is “lively, well- written...important and ti..

Hard To Get

ISBN 10 : 9780520954489
ISBN 13 : 0520954483

Hard to Get is a powerful and intimate examination of the sex and love lives of the most liberated women in history—twenty-something American women who have had more opportunitie..

The Village Effect

ISBN 10 : 9780307359544
ISBN 13 : 0307359549

Sixty years ago the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wrote 'hell is other people'. Now, new evidence shows us that he was utterly wrong. Beginning from the first moments of life and at..

Adam And Eve After The Pill

ISBN 10 : 9781586176273
ISBN 13 : 1586176277

Examines the social changes caused by the sexual revolution and argues that is has produced widespread discontent...

The Paradox Of Love

ISBN 10 : 9780691149141
ISBN 13 : 0691149143

Drawing on history, politics, psychology and pop culture, the author traces the roots of sexual liberation to explain love's supreme paradox, and concludes that love's messiness, s..

Sexual Paradox Complementarity Reproductive Conflict And Human Emergence

ISBN 10 : 9781411655324
ISBN 13 : 141165532X

Unlocks the keys to the paradox of how sexual selection fertilized the explosion of culture, and the resulting fallout, in sexual dominion of man over woman and nature. How sexuali..

Sexual Desire

ISBN 10 : 0826480381
ISBN 13 : 9780826480385

Beginning from purely philosophical premises, and ranging over human life, art and institutions, the author surveys the entire field of sexuality. Dissatisfied with puritanism and ..