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The Christmas Eve Tree

ISBN 10 : 9780763679170
ISBN 13 : 0763679178

In a deeply moving story with the hallmarks of a classic, a homeless boy’s rescue of a spindly Christmas tree sparks a glimmer of hope that has far-reaching effects. It’s late ..

The Christmas Eve Tree

ISBN 10 : 1406365955
ISBN 13 : 9781406365955


The Christmas Eve Tree

ISBN 10 : 1406356492
ISBN 13 : 9781406356496

When the ugly little fir tree is taken to the city, no one wants to buy him; they prefer the big tall trees. But a homeless boy asks the shopkeeper if he can take the tree, and dow..

Night Tree

ISBN 10 : 0152001212
ISBN 13 : 9780152001216

A family makes its annual pilgrimage to decorate an evergreen tree with food for the forest animals at Christmastime...

Inventing The Christmas Tree

ISBN 10 : 9780300188868
ISBN 13 : 0300188862

A colorfully decorated Christmas tree, lit with twinkling lights, provokes awe and delight. We understand the lighted tree as a central symbol of the Christmas season, but what are..

On Christmas Eve

ISBN 10 : 0606220607
ISBN 13 : 9780606220606

Unable to sleep on Christmas Eve, four children creep downstairs to see the tree, their stockings, their wrapped gifts, and to hear the singing of the carolers...

Who S That Knocking On Christmas Eve

ISBN 10 : 9780399549380
ISBN 13 : 0399549382

Every year, trolls knock down Kyri's door and gobble up her Christmas feast. But this year, the trolls are in for a surprise: a boy and his pet ice bear on their way to Oslo have c..