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From This Moment On

ISBN 10 : 9781451620757
ISBN 13 : 1451620756

A country music star who has had immense success at crossing over into pop music discusses both her personal and professional life...

From This Moment On

ISBN 10 : 9781451620764
ISBN 13 : 1451620764

Now in paperback from superstar Shania Twain, a poignant, heartfelt, and beautifully told account of her hard-scrabble childhood, rise to worldwide fame, and recent personal traged..

From This Moment On

ISBN 10 : 9780732293406
ISBN 13 : 0732293405

Born Eilleen Regina Edwards in 1965, Shania Twain has lived a life rife with triumph and tragedy. In riveting and often heartbreaking prose, Shania shares the pivotal moments of he..

Shania Twain

ISBN 10 : 9781550222975
ISBN 13 : 155022297X

Recounts the childhood and rise to stardom of the Canadian-born country singer, and discusses her Native heritage, her marriage, and other issues..

Shania Twain

ISBN 10 : 1451604548
ISBN 13 : 9781451604542

The Incredible Rags-to-Riches Story of One of the Bestselling Female Artists of All Time Shania Twain has risen from humble beginnings in a dirt-poor mining town in Northern Canada..

On Her Way

ISBN 10 : 0345429362
ISBN 13 : 9780345429360

An unauthorized portrait of the country music star chronicles her poverty-stricken childhood, abundance of talent, and determination to reach the top..

Shania Twain

ISBN 10 : 1584150009
ISBN 13 : 9781584150008

A biography of the popular Canadian singer, from her early days on the music scene to her transformation into an award-winning superstar...