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Sales Dogs

ISBN 10 : 9781937832025
ISBN 13 : 1937832023

The author presents his advice and techniques for developing personal salesmanship skills...

Sales Dogs

ISBN 10 : 9781937832377
ISBN 13 : 1937832376

The number one skill for any entrepreneur or business owner is the ability to sell. Why? Because sales = income. Yet, many fail financially not because they do not have great ideas..


ISBN 10 : 0970048505
ISBN 13 : 9780970048509


Underwater Dogs Kids Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781472212535
ISBN 13 : 1472212533

Dive right into this kids edition of Seth Casteel's amazing Underwater Dogs. With colorful photographs of the cutest canines chasing after their favourite toys and hilarious, joyfu..

Inside Of A Dog

ISBN 10 : 9781847379573
ISBN 13 : 1847379575

As an unabashed dog lover, Alexandra Horowitz is naturally curious about what her dog thinks and what she knows. As a cognitive scientist she is intent on understanding the minds o..

Dogs On Cape Cod

ISBN 10 : 0692300899
ISBN 13 : 9780692300893

Irresistible photographs by one of the Cape's well-known locals, for those who love dogs and love Cape Cod, wherever you are now! DOGS ON CAPE COD will bring back the blissful feel..