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ISBN 10 : 0393350398
ISBN 13 : 9780393350395

An exploration of new theories about the formation and evolution of the universe traces the big bang, through the first three billion years on Earth, to today's search for life on ..

Death By Black Hole And Other Cosmic Quandaries

ISBN 10 : 0393113787
ISBN 13 : 9780393113785

“[Tyson] tackles a great range of subjects . . . with great humor, humility, and—most important— humanity.” —Entertainment Weekly Loyal readers of the monthly "Universe" ..


ISBN 10 : 9781426217272
ISBN 13 : 1426217277

This beautifully illustrated companion to celebrated scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson's popular podcast and National Geographic Channel TV show is an eye-opening journey for anyone cu..

One Universe

ISBN 10 : 9780309064880
ISBN 13 : 0309064880

A new window opens onto the cosmos... Almost every day we are challenged by new information from the outermost reaches of space. Using straightforward language, One Universe explor..

The Pluto Files The Rise And Fall Of America S Favorite Planet

ISBN 10 : 9780393337327
ISBN 13 : 0393337324

An exploration of the controversy surrounding Pluto and its planet status from a renowned astrophysicist at the heart of the controversy...

Space Chronicles Facing The Ultimate Frontier

ISBN 10 : 9780393082913
ISBN 13 : 0393082911

“A compelling appeal, at just the right time, for continuing to look up.”—Air & Space America’s space program is at a turning point. After decades of global primacy, NASA h..

Astrophysics For People In A Hurry

ISBN 10 : 0393609391
ISBN 13 : 9780393609394

The essential universe, from our most celebrated and beloved astrophysicist...