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Financial Accounting For School Administrators

ISBN 10 : 9781610487726
ISBN 13 : 1610487729

"Ublished in partnership with the Association of School Business Officials International."..

Financial And Managerial Accounting For School Administrators

ISBN 10 : 9781461733539
ISBN 13 : 1461733537

Widely acknowledged as the most respected reference on school accounting, this book offers clear, detailed explanations of financial accounting and reporting as they apply to schoo..

Education Finance For School Leaders

ISBN 10 : 0130978620
ISBN 13 : 9780130978622

This practical, easy-to-read guide explains the “why,” “What,” and “how” of school finance to those who need to understand the fundamentals of financial management. It ..

Resource Management For School Administrators

ISBN 10 : 9781475802535
ISBN 13 : 1475802536

Resource Management for School Administrators is the only comprehensive book covering all school resources---fiscal, facilities and human resources. Each chapter has objectives tha..

Financial Accounting For Executive Mba

ISBN 10 : 9781481780100
ISBN 13 : 1481780107

This book is intended to be used as a textbook in Financial Accounting for Executive MBA's candidates. This book has simplifies the subject matter and gives understanding that can ..

Financial Management For Human Service Administrators

ISBN 10 : 0321049497
ISBN 13 : 9780321049490

This comprehensive financial management book is designed to help future or current human services or social work administrators manage programs and agencies more effectively. The b..

School District Budgeting

ISBN 10 : 9781578860685
ISBN 13 : 1578860687

A unique resource for both academics and practitioners, School District Budgeting provides a comprehensive look at the resource allocation process, from developing planning guideli..