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Death Makes Life Possible

ISBN 10 : 9781622034536
ISBN 13 : 1622034538

Our beliefs about what happens when we die define how we live today. And more and more of us are discovering a radical truth: when we release our fear of death, we open to an immen..

Living Deeply

ISBN 10 : 9781572245334
ISBN 13 : 1572245336

The book Living Deeply is the product of the Institute of Noetic Sciences' decade-long investigation into transformations in human consciousness. It transcends any one approach by ..

Consciousness And Healing

ISBN 10 : 0443068003
ISBN 13 : 9780443068003

Essays from leaders in the emerging field of integral medicine and consciousness research promote a model of healing in which personal relationships, emotions, meaning, and belief ..

La Muerte Hace Posible La Vida

ISBN 10 : 9788416579891
ISBN 13 : 841657989X

Nuestras creencias sobre lo que ocurre cuando morimos definen cómo vivimos hoy. Cada vez hay más gente que descubre una verdad radical: cuando nos liberamos del miedo a la muerte..

Graceful Passages

ISBN 10 : 1577315618
ISBN 13 : 9781577315612

Messages and prayers for those facing life-threatening illness, preparing for dying, or meeting other transitions...

Merchant Of Death

ISBN 10 : 9780470048665
ISBN 13 : 0470048662

Praise for Merchant of Death "A riveting investigation of the world's most notorious arms dealer--a page-turner that digs deep into the amazing, murky story of Viktor Bout. Farah a..

Being Mortal

ISBN 10 : 9781847657862
ISBN 13 : 1847657869

For most of human history, death was a common, ever-present possibility. It didn't matter whether you were five or fifty - every day was a roll of the dice. But now, as medical adv..