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Aqa A Level Year 2 Chemistry Student Guide Inorganic And Organic Chemistry 2

ISBN 10 : 9781471858659
ISBN 13 : 1471858650

Written by experienced examiners Alyn McFarland and Nora Henry, this Student Guide for Chemistry: -Identifies the key content you need to know with a concise summary of topics exam..

Aqa A Level Chemistry Student Guide Practical Chemistry

ISBN 10 : 1471885143
ISBN 13 : 9781471885143

Written by experienced teachers Tim Waite and Amber Waite, this Student Guide for practical Chemistry: - Helps students identify what they need to know with a concise summary of th..

My Revision Notes Aqa A Level Chemistry

ISBN 10 : 9781471842238
ISBN 13 : 1471842231

With My Revision Notes: AQA A Level Chemistry you can: - Manage your own revision with step-by-step support from experienced teacher and examiner Rob King - Apply biological terms ..

Aqa Chemistry Level A

ISBN 10 : 1471807703
ISBN 13 : 9781471807701

Help students to apply and develop their knowledge, progressing from basic concepts to more complicated Chemistry, with worked examples, practical activities and mathematical suppo..

Aqa Chemistry Student Guide 1

ISBN 10 : 1471843637
ISBN 13 : 9781471843631

Reinforce students' understanding throughout their course; clear topic summaries with sample questions and answers to improve exam technique. Written by experienced examiners Alyn ..