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Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis (Irwin Accounting)

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Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis
, by Blocher/Stout/Juras/Cokins is dedicated to answering the question: Why Cost Management? Blocher et al. provide the cost-management tools and techniques needed to support an organisation’s competitiveness, improve its performance, and help the organisation accomplish its strategy. The text is written to help students understand the…

Cost Management

ISBN 10 : 1259253090
ISBN 13 : 9781259253096


Cost Management

ISBN 10 : 0071112111
ISBN 13 : 9780071112116

Offers coverage of strategic management topics in cost accounting. This text helps students understand about management and the role of cost management. It uncovers issues such as ..

Cost Management

ISBN 10 : 0072818360
ISBN 13 : 9780072818369

"Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis," by Blocher/Stout/Cokins/Chen is the first cost accounting text to offer integrated coverage of strategic management topics in cost accounti..

Cost Management Accounting And Control

ISBN 10 : 9780324559675
ISBN 13 : 0324559674

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