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Accounting Made Simple: Accounting Explained in 100 Pages or Less

Find all of the following explained in Plain-English with no technical jargon:

  • The Accounting Equation and why it’s so significant
  • How to read and prepare financial statements
  • How to calculate and interpret several different financial ratios
  • The concepts and assumptions behind Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Preparing journal entries with debits and credits
  • Cash method vs. accrual method
  • Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold
  • How to calculate depreciation and amortization…

Microeconomics Made Simple

ISBN 10 : 0981454291
ISBN 13 : 9780981454290

Find all of the following topics, explained in plain-English: Introduction: What is Economics? Not a Perfect Model Microeconomics vs. Macroeconomics 1. Maximizing Utility Decreasin..

The Accounting Game

ISBN 10 : 9781402231612
ISBN 13 : 140223161X

"Fantastic Learning Tool...Don't let this book title fool you. It is not an oversimplification of accounting and financial principles. It is, however, a serious and very effective ..

Accounting For Non Accountants

ISBN 10 : 9781402206573
ISBN 13 : 1402206577

A guide for businesspeople covers such essentials as financial statements, balance sheets, liabilities, assets, and income statements...

Real Estate Accounting Made Easy

ISBN 10 : 0470648945
ISBN 13 : 9780470648940

All the fundamentals of accounting and finance of the real estate industry-made easy Providing both the theories and practices of real estate from an accounting and financial persp..

Accounting In A Nutshell

ISBN 10 : 9780080943152
ISBN 13 : 0080943152

Designed primarily for middle and junior management who deal with financial information without really understanding the content; students who are studying accounting as a non-spec..

Accounting Made Simple

ISBN 10 : 0385232802
ISBN 13 : 9780385232807

A completely updated revision of the original 1967 edition containing all-new material reflecting the 1986 tax law, brings this essential business skill to life with figures and re..